03/09/2015 10:18 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

It Takes Rs 100 To Make Up A Face, Rs 30 To Destroy One, Says Acid Attack Survivor

This makeup tutorial by acid attack survivor, Reshma Banoo Qureshi features a more potent message than dressing up the eyes. Reshma, who is no stranger to emotional and physical pain, makes a strong case for the ban on acid sale and for the women who suffer from violence in this form in India every year. She compares the price of an eyeliner, purchased anywhere for under Rs 100, to concentrated acid that is easily available for as much as Rs 30.

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Reshma, who was reportedly attacked by her brother-in-law and a couple of other men in Allahabad while visiting her sister, points out the irony in a powerful new video -- it is more expensive to buy a makeup product than buying it is to buy a bottle of acid that can put a person through years of severe physical and emotional pain.

This petition has been created by website Make Love Not Scars, a movement that brings awareness about acid attack survivors and showcases their talents. They have appealed to the Indian government to "make the availability of acid almost impossible," and keep a check on those who do purchase it by ensuring the implementation of a few crucial laws that include a fine of Rs 50,000 for not following these rules.

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