30/08/2015 8:53 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Rahul Mukerjea Found Sheena's Passport But Didn't Go To Cops


Rahul Mukerjea, Peter Mukerjea's son with whom Sheena Bora had a live-in relationship, found her passport but didn't approach the police with it as he "had lost faith" in them, according to The Times of India. If Sheena's passport was available with the police, an investigation into her disappearance may have been launched much earlier.

Rahul is said to have told Peter that Sheena was not Indrani's sister, but her daughter, and had also lodged a missing person complaint after Sheena's disappearence in 2012. He claimed that when he quizzed Indrani about Sheena's disappearance he was told that she was away in the United States.

Police sources involved with the investigation told the Indian Express that Rahul got engaged to Sheena in December 2011, a ceremony Peter did not attend and the couple had planned to marry late 2012. Sheena was killed on April 24 that year and Indrani plotted the murder--the same police sources add-- after she failed to dissuade Sheena from ending her ties with Rahul.

On Friday, Sanjeev Khanna, former husband of Indrani Mukerjea, confessed to his complicity in the crime.

"We just interrogated the third accused (Khanna) and he has confessed to his complicity in the crime," Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria told reporters.

The police believe it was Indrani who persuaded Khanna to travel to Mumbai in April 2012 and participate in the murder.

Police sources told Hindustan Times that Indrani allegedly told him that if Sheena and Rahul were to get married, Vidhie would lose a substantial share of her inheritance from Peter.

Vidhie is Sanjeev and Indrani's daughter who was later adopted by Peter Mukerjea after he married Indrani in 2002.

According to the police Sanjeev may have helped Indrani because he received a windfall from her for participating in the crime, including a flat at Howrah.