28/08/2015 1:02 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Watch: Why This Movie-Loving Couple's Engagement Went Viral

Discovering (and in a lot of cases, accidentally swallowing) an engagement ring in a flute of champagne is passé as a proposal. Now there are destination proposals, quirky photoshoots, and a lot of melodrama involved - all to render a deserving 'awww'.

Of the many proposals that have gone viral, here is a really special one. This movie-loving couple decided to celebrate their engagement true big-screen style: Alec proposed to his girlfriend by recreating the scene from Halloween, and it had the desired effect. The video was quickly picked up by several viral publications.

But that was not the end.

Post their engagement, Alec and Kat released a photograph on Reddit of themselves dressed from Back To The Future, with a clever line, and a sparkle on Kat's finger indicating their engagement.

Needless, to say, the photo also went viral.

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