28/08/2015 7:59 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

A Man Named 'Hardik' Is Getting Trolled On Twitter For Gujarat Unrest


"What's in a name?" Shakespeare had once asked.

If only he had known Hardik Shah, a Mumbai resident, who is the business head of Videogram, he would have sure agreed that there's a lot in a name.

Since the time Hardik Patel hit the news for demanding an Other Backward Cast (OBC) reservation for the Patel community in the state of Gujarat, Shah is having a tough time on Twitter.

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People who have raising their voices on Twitter against Patel for the violence in Gujarat, are unfortunately sending their messages to the wrong Hardik.

Some also had a few requests:

Shah tried telling people that they got the wrong Hardik, but that didn't help much:

Finally, Shah decided to change his display name.

But, that hasn't helped either.

Will the real Hardik Patel please stand up, on Twitter?

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