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Zany Versions of 'Mere Saamne Waali Khidki,' Show Pakistani, Indian Bands Amp Up Bonhomie

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India-Pakistan Handshake For Peace

Music is doing its bit to promote harmony between India and Pakistan. On the heels of ensemble band, Aisi Taisi Democracy's variation on 70's Bollywood hit, Mere samne wali Khirki,' a Pakistan singer-lyricist duo--Aisi Taisi Hypocrisy--has responded with its own spin on their song.

Written by Hassan Miraj, a Major in the Pakistani Army and performed by Mujtaba Ali, the song's central message is that Pakistan and India's festering problems can only be resolved through dialogue.

“I heard the song created by Aisi Taisi Democracy and was impressed. I thought we must respond. It’s not just you (Indians), even the people of Pakistan want peace," Miraj told Indian Express.

Ali and Miraj's song goes: 'Mere saamne wali sarhad par, sunte hain ki dushman rehta hai. Sattar baras hone ko hai kuch ukhda ukhda rehta hai. '. (We have heard that there are enemies at the border but it has been almost 70 years yet they seem aloof.)

Aist Taisi Democracy which consists of Indian Ocean vocalist Rahul Ram, stand-up artist and lyricist Varun Grover and satirist Sanjay Rajoura, had released their song on India's independence day.

Watch the video here:

The video titled 'Meri saamne wali sarhad pe', by Aisi Taisi Democracy, was a message to the people Pakistan telling them we are similar to each other.

"Meri saamne wali sarhad pe, kehte hai dushman rehta hai. Par gaur se dekha jab usko, woh to mere jaise dikhta hai." (They say my enemy lives across the border. But, when I looked at him I realised, he looks just like me.

And, our issues are similar too: "Wahan mulle YouTube ban kare. Yahan pandit kissing se ghabraye.."(YouTube is banned there. Our leaders are scared of seeing people kissing here.)

It seems that Pakistan has not only watched the video, but has actually responded to it with its own rendition of the song.

As YouTube is banned in Pakistan, Miraj released the song on Facebook.

Some of the most evocative portions in the song include:

'Tum Dubai mein bande jama karo, hum Cheen se pyaar badhaate hain, tum BJP ko ballot do, hum Mulla se jaan chhudaate hain, Wahan RSS ki sena hai, yahan Zaid ka manjan bikta hai.'

(You'll gather men in Dubai, we develop deep bonds with China. You vote for BJP, we try to escape from Mullas. They have the RSS army and we have, Zaid.)

"Gaali dena ab chhod bhi do, baitho kuch kaam ki baat kare. Kab tak bandook banayenge, bachho ko ab kuch dhyaan bhi dein Na Bhutto ka na Gandhi ka, ye tera mera funda hai."

(Let's stop abusing each other and lets sit and talk it out. We have made enough guns, let's give our children some wisdom now. This isn't the way of Gandhis or Bhuttos but that of us common citizens)

Watch Pakistan's version here:

Ironically, the Pakistan version was released the same day when the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announced that the NSA-level talks between India and Pakistan have been cancelled.

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