26/08/2015 9:26 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This Video Of A Girl Popping A Huge Zit Will Freak You Out

11 is a weird age.

This is the age where you're introduced to integral concepts like chain mails, bicycle scabs, school crushes and algebra.

But for this young girl, it's slightly weirder. In a cathartic sort of a way.

For one, she finally popped a zit that she had on the top of her ear since she was a toddler. But on the other hand, her mom shot all of it on camera and put it up online.

But what was revealed in the midst of this dilemma was nothing short of high art. The oozing pus that is usually the mainstay of such events was replaced by a more festive string confetti in various shapes!

Shapes like.

The political map of Sri Lanka.


Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.

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