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PHOTOS: A Look At Spain's Tomatina Festival Over The Years As It Turns 70


Google's doodle today is in honour of Spain's tomato festival, La Tomatina that finishes 70 successful years of colouring the town of Buñol red (literally).

La Tomatina, or what could also be called as the world's biggest food fight began in the 1940's when a man, in a fit of anger at being pushed off a float during a parade, started pelting tomatoes at the crowd. This set a trend for the years to follow, and in spite of authorities trying to control the activity, was eventually established as an official festival in 1957.

The last Wednesday of August sees throngs of people collect in Buñol (eastern Spain) to engage in some serious tomato throwing and squashing after a Spanish ham is retrieved from the top of a greased pole, and this year is expected to be no different.

Of course, Google's adorable little illustration by Nate Swinehart manages to portray quite the pretty picture as compared to the actual chaos that goes on.

Compare this:

To this:


Here's a look at La Tomatina over the years:

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