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How Students From Hyderabad Are Using Reddit To Help A Blind, Abandoned Woman Find A Home

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Sometimes, Internet can be a great, great place.

A group of students from Hyderabad is trying to help an aged and abandoned woman go back to her home. And now, they have started a Reddit thread, asking for help.

Last year, in March, these students found the woman freezing in cold on the road. 65-year-old Shrava is blind and had been living on the road for six months.

The students found an old-age home in Budvel that was willing to take her in.

"She was not completely intellectually stable in the beginning. And hence, when we dropped her at the old age home, we could not find out much about her family," writes a Reddit user.

Shrava only spoke Marathi, and with the help of a few friends who spoke that language, the students managed to find out about her family.

"For a 65 year old blind woman who cannot talk to anyone, it was very lonely. She desperately wanted to go back to her family."

Soon, they found out her immediate family members. Shrava's brother Sanjay, who lives in Pune told them that her husband had abandoned her. He said he can't take care of the old lady because of his financial condition.

When Shrava was told that her family members will not be able to take her home, she broke down, and said, "Poverty makes everyone miserable doesn’t it?"

Shrava now just wants to go back to her city. But, finding an old age home in Pune is getting increasingly difficult for the students. The user, in a comment, says that most old age homes want to charge to keep her there, and the others "outrightly refused because she is blind."

Shrava is not keeping too well, and the students do not want to take her to Pune and be turned down.

So, the students are now asking the Internet if they can help her find a home:

"1) If you know of an old age home in Maharashtra, preferrably Pune/Solapur (Solapur because that was one of the places she kept mentioning), that would be willing to accommodate her, please please let us know.

2) If you have any advice on how we could help Shrava, please let us know."

Many have offered help, by looking up for old age homes that will keep Shrava without any charge. There are already 50 comments on the Reddit thread that was posted yesterday.

You can read the Reddit post here.

All you good people of the Internet, take a bow!

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