19/08/2015 4:15 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: MS Dhoni Completes His First Parachute Jump From A Height Of 1250 Feet

MS Dhoni had added another feather to his cap. The star cricketer, who was awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel, today completed his first parachute jump from an Indian Air Force aircraft.

He was undergoing a two-week trainng with the elite Para regiment of the force in Agra. He reported for training on August 5, and was told that he would be required to complete five jumps during his training programme.

Dhoni also tweeted a selfie of himself, calling it #saluteselfie, just before Independence Day while he was in training.

Dhoni jumped from an AN32 aircraft with a canopy line parachute, and touched down at the Malpura dropping zone located near Agra.

It took Dhoni 70 seconds to reach the ground from a height of 1250 feet, reported NDTV.

To complete the programme and qualify as a parajumper, the cricketer will have to complete four more jumps from 10,000 feet, including one at night.

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