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15 #ModiInDubai Memes That Shouldn't Exist

KARIM SAHIB via Getty Images
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech to members of the Indian expatriate community in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai Cricket Stadium, on August 17, 2015, during a two-day visit to the UAE. Modi is the first Indian premier to visit the UAE in more than three decades since Indira Gandhi came in 1981 and is due to address the country's large India expat community in Dubai. Indians, who form the UAE's largest expatriate community, account for about 30 percent of the country's population of eight million, with many of them labourers who were behind the construction boom. AFP PHOTO / KARIM SAHIB (Photo credit should read KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)

So Prime Minister Narendra Modi walked into the United Arab Emirates and a lot of things happened. Other than being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Emirati soil in 34 years, Mr. Modi also reached out to the Indian expatriates living in labour camps — a first gesture of its kind. And of course, there were talks on investments and energy and a final address in a cricket stadium that hit the ball out of the park. But the Internet does not live for such moments of international diplomacy. To the Internet, no event is an event till it's shareable with a single representative picture. No moment is worthy if it's not meme-worthy.

And then, there was one such moment.

When the Prime Minister met the Crown Prince of UAE, HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, They hugged like world leaders do. Sometimes. It was as diplomatic as diplomatic gestures can get.

Or so they thought.

Even as the internet went wild, we thought we'll put up some terrible memes ourselves. You know, as a nod to what people *shouldn't* infer from this absolutely innocent moment of diplomacy that cannot be misconstrued in anyway. Things like:

1. This bad pun.

2. This Aladdin reference.

3. This stereotype.

4. This oversimplification of the trade talks.

5. This switcheroo of geopolitical landscapes.

6. This random Taher Shah lyric.

7. This currency joke that should be exchanged.

8. This... whatever this is.

9. This violation of human rights.

10. This dilution of international relations.

11. This natural disaster.

12. This affront to arid environments.

13. This impending energy crisis.

14. This feminist message.

15. This credit where it's due.



So there it is. Our list of the absolute worst memes one can make on this issue.

And lastly, before you think that we went for the easiest reference image to make these memes...

We didn't.

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