17/08/2015 11:32 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Save Saba Campaign: India Comes To The Rescue Of Ailing Pakistani Girl

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NEW DELHI -- Even as tensions effervesce between India and Pakistan, Saba, a 15-year-old girl from Karachi, looking to be treated for a rare, potentially-fatal disease in India, has harnessed significant support here. Mediated entirely through a social-media campaign, donors have contributed Rs 50,000 — within a mere 48 hours — for her treatment in Mumbai. While that's still short of the Rs 10,000,00 she needs, those who've contributed say that the goodness of humanity will see her meet the target.

"Humanity is a strong enough bond that can wash away political divide," commented contributor Debapriyo Ganguly, who donated Rs 10,000.

A community organisation called "The BlueBells Community" started a crowdfunding campaign over the Independence Day weekend to help Saba's mother, a single-mother of three, garner funds.

According to the description posted on the online campaign page, Saba was first treated for her illness this April. Even though she significantly improved after her 45-days treatment at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai (with generous help from Indian donors) her condition worsened after her return to Pakistan.

"We want a young life to be saved and also pass the message that borders might divide people, but love unites them," said the description on the crowdfunding website posted by Shabia Walia of the BlueBells Community. "A child on either side of the border deserves the right to live, irrespective of which country he/she is being treated in."

She told The Times of India that as soon as Rs 2 lakh was available for the initial down payment to the hospital, Saba and her mother would leave for Mumbai.

Walia's also solicited help from other charity organisations for help, to find a place to stay in Mumbai, and, with Saba's medicine that costs Rs 1.7 lakh per 100 tablets.

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