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Abhay Deol Says Sex Isn't Something To Be Ashamed Of, And The Internet Agrees

Toronto International Film Festival 2009.

A week ago, the Mumbai police raided hotels in Madh Island and the Aksa beach area in the city, dragging out around 40 consenting adults who had checked into the hotels out of their rooms.

Their only crime? They were alone in a room, possibly having sex.

Echoing most of our thoughts about the raid, Bollywood actor Abhay Deol was justifiably enraged at the police action and took to Facebook to share his anger on Wednesday. And, now many have joined the actor in raising their voices against the moral policing that took place in Mumbai.

The Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara star wrote, "Even I am baffled by our society's obsession with sex."

"I enjoy it, I crave it, I pursue it. I don't hide the fact. I feel a tinge of shame admitting it. It always takes a moment for the logical part of my brain to put the shame aside, and I see reason."

"I have come to believe my sense of shame comes from my upbringing. I was brought up by the same values as any other from my country, which may come as a surprise to those who think people born into the film industry are brought up with a different set of values (usually loose and privileged). So I get it. The taboo that comes with the topic of sex in my society," adds Deol.

SEX!Even I am baffled by our society’s obsession with sex.I enjoy it, I crave it, I pursue it. I don’t hide the...

Posted by Abhay Deol on Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Commenting on the Mumbai raid, Deol said, "But booking young kids for a crime they didn’t commit, physically and mentally abusing them publicly? To me it looks more like it was the police that was guilty of 'public indecency'. All this because they were young adults having sex. How liberated can you be!? They must be punished. By any law out there."

Deol ends with a comment that sums up most of our thoughts:


Deol's post has been 'liked' by 11,500 people and shared nearly 1,500 times on Facebook in the last 24 hours.

This is how social media is reacting to Deol's post.

Some are suggesting ideas on how to make sex not a taboo:

"This isn't public indecency.. Even if I'm having sex with a man casually, it shouldn't be anyone's business until and unless I myself have a problem.. Why should this be associated with religion and marriage.. I feel #ilovesex can be a good start to this movement.. To dispel the hatred and taboo tagged to sex..," posted Pooja Sreeram in the comment section.

"Can we share this article and trend it as #ilovesex , so those calling it public indecency can go and die in shame?", said another.

Some had lots of sarcasm stored in place to support Deol.

"While reading this, i got arrested. Police is saying that it is not allowed to even say it in my mind. On my way to police station now," said a commenter.

And one more said this, "Abhay Deol talks about SEX! Haww! Probably he's not getting any. Or that's all that he's been doing. Why else would a celebrity talk on such a shameful topic. Does he know he's spoiling the moral fabric of the country by indulging in discussions like these, because he does have a fan following. He's influencing young impressionable minds. AND he did it publicly on Facebook! What can be done about this? Book him under "public indecency". Or let's just ban Facebook, yo!"

Meanwhile, some disagreed with the actor entirely:

"We are calling it brave to talk about this sex topic openly, but I am calling it cowardly to avoid the real important thing, real knowledge. Don't take the american pursuit for the shameless abnegation to the senses for enjoyment as something worth replicating, I beg you!!," a commenter said.

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