12/08/2015 3:51 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Ahead Of Independence Day, 7 Things This Video Teaches You About Freedom

If the tri-colour could speak to its citizens what would it say? Maybe it would teach us to be a little more appreciative of freedom.

A rousing video released by YouTube channel, Being Indian, titled 'Tiranga' (The Tri-colour) enunciates what freedom can mean to various people.

Coming days before Independence Day, the video showcasing prominent dance-forms from various Indian states with a background narration explain the relevance of freedom and India's journey to achieving it.

It begins with the narration: "I was born in 1947 made out of handspun cotton on a charkha.."

The narrator goes on to describe the journey that 'created' her- India. "A journey of suppression, a struggle to overthrow a foreign domination, a fight that got commoners to raise his voice..."

The video, goes on to explain, what freedom really means:

1. "It's not a flower that blossoms overnight," the narrator says, "It is a mountain created by waves of molten love and years of effort into it."

2. "Freedom is the absolute truth."

3. Freedom is a child sitting in a class, who is allowed to keep asking questions. Freedom is also when the teacher is unafraid to say "I don't know."

4. Freedom also has to do with a lot about an artist's experience: "It is a writer seeking the exact word, a painter seeking the perfect colour."

5. It is also the freedom to aspire. A village child, hitting helicopter shots from his backyard, as his friends and family say he can become the next greatest cricketer is what sums up freedom. It is also the freedom of a boy to aspire to become a film director while watching pirated movies in his home.

6. Freedom is also fighting societal norms. "It is a rape victim going on national television to spit in the face of stigma. It is the love between two people from different cultures, fighting against all odds."

7. It is about not giving up.

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