11/08/2015 8:38 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

VIDEO: 10 Things Sundar Pichai Got Shah Rukh Khan To Reveal About Himself


This video of Sundar Pichai chatting with Shah Rukh Khan gives a glimpse into Google's newly-appointed CEO's warm personality and self-effacing nature.

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The 43-year-old invited superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his 'Happy New Year' cast for a quick fire-side chat at Googleplex last year. SRK, who is known for his wit, had the audience hooting for more, especially after he claimed he never wanted to be an actor to begin with.

Here are 10 other things Pichai got out of SRK that evening.

1. SRK gave his entrance exam in IIT, and scored 98 in the electronics exam.

2. Shah Rukh's acting career started with the words "Annie, I have a letter for you." when he was cast as a principal dancer in the play, 'Annie Get Your Gun'.

3. When Hema Malini called SRK to audition him, he refused to believe it was not a phoney call.

4. SRK's most challenging role is always "the next one."

5. He loves hugging and kissing people.

6. He would like to enhance filmmaking in India, so that the country is technically at par with Hollywood.

7. The three major things that "turn him on" are entertainment, children, and sports. Err...

8. He finds himself a lot more educated in the last few years because of Google. (So do we Shah Rukh).

9. He's known Abhishek Bachchan since childhood.

10. He "made" Deepika Padukone a star.

Watch the video here:

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