11/08/2015 7:54 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

19 Indian Nazi Tweets That Will Turn You Into A Hardliner Right Winger Right Now

Indian Nazi

The age old question: 'Who watches the watchmen?"

Let's update it for Twitter.

"Who trolls the trolls?"

Let's one-up that as well and update it for Indian Twitter.

"Who trolls the Hindutva trolls?"

This new Twitter handle on the block: Indian Nazi.

And it's not as much trolling as it is mimicking (and in effect, making a meme of) all the qualities that make your garden variety right wing troll, a garden variety right wing troll. From the jingoism to the bad grammar to unabashedly denouncing 'other' faiths to a weird fascination for Hitler, Indian Nazi is clearly an approximation, or rather, a reverse engineering of Poe's Law.

This is as black as black comedy in 140 characters can get. Or as the Indian Nazi puts it, black orange comedy.

In the same league as the Subramanian Swamy parody page on Facebook (which was routinely confused by people as the real thing), Indian Nazi is seemingly an alternate universe fundamentalist where the Axis powers won WWII with Right Wing India's help. But somehow, is still paranoid about western culture ruining Indian culture.

1. But there is a solution...

2. Sometimes, there isn't a solution.

3. Sometimes, there are patriotic equations.

4. Sometimes, it's just hard facts.

5. Other times, reality kicks in.

6. Then there are the more controversial tweets.

7. That keep coming...

8. And coming...

9. And coming...

10. Oh, man.

11. The Indian Nazi has secular moments though...

12. But mostly, it's paranoid about Pakistan.

13. Some tweets are about technology.

14. Some, about current affairs.

Like the recent Mumbai Police raid.

15. And the porn ban.

16. The Indian Nazi also hijacks actual right wing hashtags from time to time.

17. And then proceeds to make those hashtags literal.

For some reason.

18. And then like any hardliner, watches The Matrix.

19. But at the end of the day, IN just wants you to be proud of your culture.

So be proud, okay?


They are watching.

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