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The Morning Wrap: Home Ministry 'Clueless' On Naga Deal; Tattoos Can Blur Chances Of Serving In Army

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Indian police commando, Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade, shows his tattoo in Thane district on the outskirts of Mumbai on October 16, 2013. Dhangade who got lost as a child at a crowded railway station was reunited with his family after 24 years -- thanks to a tattoo on his arm. Dhangade was separated from his parents in 1989 aged just six when they were boarding a train. He ended up on his own in Mumbai, where he was cared for by a fisherman and then at two orphanages. AFP PHOTO/ STRDEL (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

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Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Gaya in Bihar, his party workers were engaged in a poster-tearing skirmish with the rival JD(U).

Four persons including three members of a family are suspected dead as flash floods triggered by a cloudburst wrecked havoc in Himachal Pradesh.

Here are the drinks to be wary of if you want to avoid putting on weight.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a "universal link" between all languages.

Main News

Pakistani terrorist Naved describes his journey from a hamlet in Pakistan to how he ended up as a militant.

To bring in "more regulation," the Maharashtra government plans to increase the registration fee for educational institutions with religious or linguistic minority status.

The home ministry is set to concede that it 'knows little' about the recently-signed, secret Naga accord patched together by Modi and the leaders of rebel Naga groups.

Realty portal plans to lay off at least 600 employees in the next three months.

One of the 'witches,' lynched in Bihar, was a matriculate who'd recently donated land for social causes according to a Telegraph investigation.

Complaining of abuse by her relatives, A Pakistani woman has said she wants to return to her father in India and settle here.

Off The Front Page

The BJP government in Haryana has drawn up elaborate plans to 'honour' those who suffered during the Emergency, 40 years ago.

The government is planning a 'reader-friendly' version of all the wars Indian soldiers have participated in since the early 20th century.

If you sport a flashy tattoo bigger than 5 cm and wider than 3 cm, you can kiss your chances of a career in the army good bye.


Dibakar Banerjee says that ignoring the voices of the students protesting at the Film and Television Institute of India is to wilfully throw away our right to civil society.

Susan Thomas says that the government's pursuit of participatory-note investors only serves to hinder international investment into India.

Vamsee Juluri says that the recent fiasco around the 'porn ban' completely sidestepped the problem of the exploitation of women.

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