10/08/2015 2:17 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Via Porn Ban, John Oliver Has Discovered The Greatness Of Subramanian Swamy


Following an uproar on social media, India has partially revoked an order to block hundreds of pornographic websites that they had put in place last week.

But, it seems, the outrage wasn't just in the country. The news of the porn barn has crossed borders and made headlines elsewhere too.

In a video clip posted on YouTube, which shows a segment of the Last Week Tonight show, John Oliver takes on India for banning 857 adult websites. In the process, he also discovers the double-distilled epic greatness that is BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

The video shows a clip from a television news show, where the anchor asks Swamy how can anyone cause disruption to the public order by watching porn in the confines of his own room. Swamy's response: "You may get corrupted and become a sex maniac."

Yes, you read that right.

The British comedian then reminds you that this is the country of Kamasutra--"a mix of sex, yoga and skiing accidents."

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After the government last week asked operators to block access to numerous pornographic sites, people used Reddit and Twitter to express their frustration and amusement. Some mocked the government for deciding to ban porn in the "land of Kamasutra" and some suggested a few other #NextBanIdeas to the authorities which included 'Candy crush request" and "marriage-obsessive relatives".

The comedian also had a small piece of advice for the Indian government: "If you want your population to look at less pornography, don't unblock these sites, make them mandatory."

Why? Because, Oliver says, "After looking at these sites, I would NEVER want to have sex again."

Mr Oliver, you win.

If the Porn Ban results in more Last Week Tonight episodes featuring Swamy, we'll say, it will have been a very successful initiative by the government.

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