06/08/2015 2:42 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

7 Things You Should Never Tell A Bengali

Being Indian

If you are one of those people whose first line to a Bengali is "Ami tomake bhalobashi", then you need to really, really not.

There are many ways you can annoy a Bengali. Slaughtering the pronunciation of the 'I love you' line is only one of them.

This hilarious YouTube video, uploaded by comedy group Being Indian, shows you how to risk life and limb by saying the most cliched things Bengalis are tired of hearing.

Here's a quick check-list:

1. No, not all Bengali names are pronounced, like they say, with a "roshogolla" in your mouth. Not all of us are Aww-Bhishek or Aww-Bhijeet. There are countless other Bengali names that you may have never heard of--and, that doesn't include choton, bulbul, khoka, laltu, gogol and babu. Just saying.

2. Not everyone likes to have maachch bhaat (fish and rice). Bengalis also love their chicken and mutton and biryani with aloo. And, just so you know, some of them do not eat fish at all.

3. Not all Bengalis are 'pretentious intellectuals'.

4. Not all of them can all sing, strum a guitar and/or are versed in Rabindra Sangeet.

5. Winter Is Coming but that does not mean Bengalis will promptly don their monkey caps to avoid catching a chill.

6. Stop calling them communists.

7. If your knowledge of Bengali songs is limited to 'ami je tomar..chhin chhin chhin', just don't sing. First, it's NOT a Bengali song and second, 'chhin chhin chhin' means nothing.

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