05/08/2015 1:27 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Watch Football Prince Cristiano Ronaldo Go Pauper And Back


Football star Cristiano Ronaldo has proved that mere skills cannot make you a star. The Real Madrid star disguised himself as a homeless person, with a fat-suit, fake beard, a dog, begging bowl and a football to earn his keep for the day. As part of a publicity stunt for Monster headphones and speakers, Ronaldo spent a few hours in the bustling Plaza de Callao in Madrid, showing off his football skills and chatting up people.

Until he signed his football and gave it to a kid he'd been playing with, nobody recognised him. He then ripped off his beard and wig and was immediately mobbed, before being whisked away by security.

Our sympathies for the girl who refused to give the incognito Ronaldo her number

This stunt was conceptualised and shot for the “LIVE LIFE LOUD” campaign that advertises Ronaldo's latest venture ROC by Monster headphones and speakers. The video was officially published two days ago, but fans standing at the venue had already posted mobile-shot versions of the video while it was taking place, earlier this year in January.

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