04/08/2015 3:45 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Watch These Mumbaikars Say Terrible Things About Delhites

Old Delhi Films/ YouTube

If anything can match the rivalry between India and Pakistan during a cricket match, it is definitely the samosa vs Vada Pav war.

Mumbai and Delhi have been at loggerheads since eternity, fighting the my-city-is-the-best contest.

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So artistes, Old Delhi Films and Rickshawali, have posted a video on YouTube capturing Mumbaikars' impressions about Delhiites.

They went around interviewing people on how to spot a Delhiite in Mumbai.

Here were some of the best responses:

1. How they speak

According to one of them, Delhiites speak a different language. When asked 'what language,' he promptly said, "They are very loud." Another said that people from Delhi spoke with a Punjabi accent with their favourite word being "Oye!" and "beh*****" their abuse of choice.

"If they swear and are constantly speaking in Hindi, you know he's from Delhi," was how another Mumbai girl described the Delhite's linguistic gifts.

2.How they look

Some Mumbaikars say Delhi people are full of 'attitude' and are 'overdressed'. "The way they scan girls, you can make out they are from Delhi," said a Mumbai girl. However, some also gave them full marks for having a 'good personality' and 'great physique.'

3. What they think of themselves:

"They think they are studs or something," said one of the Mumbai residents. Another called them 'show-offs'--"They are always talk about brands," she said.

And would any of these Mumbai girls ever date a Delhi guy?

Well, if you still don't know the answer watch the video to find out: