01/08/2015 12:50 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Indian Illustrator Finds A Charming Way To Promote A Govt Helpline Number For Women In Distress


An Indian illustrator has created three concept accessories for women that would help protect them from molesters while raising awareness about a government helpline number.

Suresh Eriyat, founder of creative studio Eeksaurus came up with three animated short films that address women empowerment in a charming way.

He created three surreal objects that might not be available anytime soon. The first is a purse that houses a monster to chow down on molesters, adorably called Bagzilla. The second, a Porcupine jacket features pointy sharp spines (Wolverine style) that spring up at the touch of a button to dig into a molester. The third is an Intergalactic remote control that beams up offenders instantly, and then doles out just desserts.

“While creating these films, my team and I sat together to understand the exact feeling that goes through a woman’s mind when faced with sexual harassment, “ said Eriyat. “We realized that amidst all their feelings of disgust (highlighted in the women’s expressions in the videos) from the unwanted attention that they receive, they always wished they had something in hand that they could use against the perpetrator,” he said.

The Mumbai Police commissioner felicitated Eriyat and his team in their attempt to spread awareness about women's safety. The helpline number 103 is accessible at any hour in the day, and has been created specially to help women and children in distress.

Here are the three videos that have been created by Eriyat and his team:

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