01/08/2015 12:37 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Sandalwood Curd Kebabs, Anyone?

Saransh Goila

Any experienced host knows the value of serving kebabs at a party: they're popular, easy to eat, and pair well with just about any drink.

Instead of the regular seek kebab, try serving these melt-in-the-mouth sandalwood curd kebabs (yes, they're vegetarian) to add a yummy twist to your party. "Don't worry if you cannot find sandalwood, use rose water instead," advises Chef Saransh Goila who also adds that spoons can be used to shape the kebabs if they're proving difficult to shape by hand.


2 cups Hung Curd

1 cup grated Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

10 grams Sandalwood (stick or grated)

1 pcs. Medium Onion

1 inch Ginger (finely chopped)

3 pieces Green Chillies (finely chopped)

½ teaspoon Turmeric powder

1 teaspoon Red Chilli powder

2 teaspoons Cumin powder

1 teaspoon Garam masala

2 teaspoons Dry fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi)

Salt to taste

1 ½ tablespoon Cornflour

Ghee to shallow fry


Take hung curd in a bowl. Add paneer, onion, ginger, green chillies, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, cumin powder, dried fenugreek leaves and salt. Put in 1 tablespoon cornflour and mix nicely. Divide this thick mix into twelve equal portions. Dampen your hands, take a portion of the mixture, roll very lightly in cornflour and shape into a round kebab (one centimetre thick). Prepare the other kebabs in the same way.

Heat sufficient ghee, and add sandalwood to it (If you soak sandalwood in hot ghee for a longer time, it’ll give a better flavour). Once the sandalwood has released it’s flavour, strain this ghee. Now use this flavoured ghee to shallow fry the kebabs till they turn golden. Remove and place onto an absorbent paper. Serve hot (this serves 6).

NOTE: Hang the curd overnight in a muslin cloth, for best results. If you hang 5 cups of curd, you’ll get 2 cups of hung curd.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

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