29/07/2015 9:51 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: AIB Has A New Video On India's Favourite Sport With Jus Reign

Youtube/ AIB

After their last rendition of Man's Best Friend, All India Bakchod has bounced back with this hilarious take on India's favourite sport-- cricket (although Kabaddi seems to be currently trending across the country). The 'bascis' of cricket can be found in this fourrr...teen step Cricket Tutorial guide taught by Youtube comedian Jus Reign.

Due importance is given to the right type of outfit (read white clothing and appropriate (ahem) protection), 'balls' (classic AIB humour), and 'feilding' (the deliberate misspellings are brilliant). The line of the day probably goes to describing the kinds of batsmen by Jus Reign: "There are two types of batsman: 1. Righthand batsman 2. Piece of s**t"

AIB also mentioned that this video has been inspired by Coach Richard Weiner's Volleyball tutorial (watch it below)

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