20/07/2015 4:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Indian National Who Was Detained In China Was Apparently Watching A Genghis Khan Documentary


An Indian national who was held in China along with 19 others since July 11 for suspected "terror links" was apparently arrested because he was watching a documentary on the founder of the Mongol empire, Genghis Khan, reported AP.

According to Britain's Press Association, the group was watching a BBC documentary on the 13th century Mongol emperor. Two of the group's members, who were British tourists and had gone to China for a 47-day tour, husband and wife Hoosain and Tahira Jacobs told the PA that the video "may have mistakenly been deemed as 'propaganda' material." Earlier reports indicated that the tourists had been held for watching an objectionable video that advocated terrorism.

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All the tourists have since then been released and no charges have been pressed against any of them. The Independent quoted a spokesman for the two tourists saying the arrest was a misunderstanding.

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"It is believed the reason they were arrested was because of an unfortunate misunderstanding," said the spokesman. "They watched a BBC documentary video on Genghis Khan to further their understanding of the region they were in at the time, and this may have mistakenly been deemed as 'propaganda' material."

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"It can only be assumed that junior officials who made the initial arrest in Inner Mongolia made a mistake, due to perhaps their unfamiliarity of the English language."

The tourists had also visited the Genghis Khan Mausoleum in Ordos the day before they were detained.

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