19/07/2015 3:28 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

AAP Workers Protest Outside Delhi Police Headquarters; Bassi To Meet CM


NEW DELHI -- The Delhi government and police were at loggerheads again today after Aam Aadmni Party members held a protest against Delhi Police. Hundreds of AAP volunteers congregated outside the police headquarters, holding cops responsible for the murder of a 19-year-old girl in Anand Parbat last week. AAP said Delhi Police has failed to make Delhi secure for women.

Protestors on Sunday raised slogans and even clambered over barricades set up by police, who in turn sprayed water cannons to dissuade them. Some protestors were detained and later released.

Kejriwal had earlier alleged that Delhi Police was under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's thumb, and that either Modi should act in the interests of the capital's security, or it should transfer police function to the city government.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has requested police commissioner BS Bassi to meet him on Monday at "a time convenient" to him, so they can discuss the law and order situation in Delhi. Bassi, in turn, told journalists that he would be happy to meet the CM and dispel any "misconceptions" he may have.

"I will definitely go and meet him and will exchange our thoughts...There is a possibility of him telling something useful to us and may be I will give him something which will make him informative towards policing because I have been working for 38 years in the department," he told journalists on Sunday.

"As a professional police officer it is my duty that I should remove any misconceptions about policing. I have a good opportunity with the meeting to clear misconception if any."

AAP had slammed Delhi Police after a 19-year-old girl was allegedly stabbed to death by two brothers who lived in her neighbourhood. The duo had been stalking and verbally harassing her, following which she had complained against them.

They allegedly stabbed her to death on July 16, following which they have been arrested. Kejriwal has announced Rs 5 lakh compensation for the victim's family, criticising Delhi Police for the "deteriorating law and order situation" in the city.

A magisterial probe has been ordered in the case.

The city government and police have been locked in a battle ever since Kejriwal was part of the anti-corruption movement during Anna Hazare's fast in Delhi. Tensions between AAP and Delhi Police existed even before the party came into power. The party has accused police of bias against them after two of its MLAs were arrested. They have also asked for police to be brought under the government's power. Bassi has voiced his disagreement.

"The mechanism at present is appropriate. This was no knee jerk reaction when the GD Khosla committee introduced the commissionerate system in Delhi after deliberation and examination of witnesses the Parliament Act of 1978 was formed. Any attempt to tickle with the mechanism will be injustice to Delhi residents and can be dangerous," he said.

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