13/07/2015 11:36 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

When Sachin Tendulkar Missed A Bus In Oxfordshire Village And Asked For A Lift


He may be considered as 'God', but then Sachin Tendulkar also has his human moments.

The former Indian cricket captain, who was one of 15,000 inside Wimbledon Centre Court to watch the men's semi-finals on Friday, found himself stranded in a village in Oxfordshire a day later after he missed the last bus.

Tendulkar tweeted asking for help: “In Great Haseley, Oxfordshire. Missed the last bus, can anyone give me a lift??”

The cricket legend posted a montage of pictures of himself on Instagram, where he is seen waiting at a bus stop.

In Great Haseley Oxfordshire. Missed the last bus, can anyone give me a lift??

A photo posted by Sachin Tendulkar (@sachintendulkar) on

Now when the 'Little Master' is in trouble, who wouldn't want to help?

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh was the first one.

Some were upset that they weren't there to offer a lift to the cricketing legend.

"I was just 10 miles away on Cowley Road. Why I never saw this post then :( probably missed this great opportunity to meet the God of Cricket himself :(," commented anjul.khadria.

"Hope i wd have been the luckiest give the lift to one and only SACHIN...," wrote sonarajay on his Instagram comment.

And some fans of Tendulkar found some solution to his problem.

"Bhaji come to Jalandhar Punjab there is no chance to miss the bus," commented one of his fans.

It seems the cricket legend did mange to get a lift, finally.

A couple of hours after the post on his plea for a lift, he tweeted a picture saying 'Enjoyed Oxfordshire'.

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