07/07/2015 1:28 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Trains, Platforms And Rail Tracks Inspire This Ticket Checker's Amazing Art


Bijay Biswaal is a travelling ticket examiner (TTE) with the Nagpur Division of the Indian railways. What makes him special is that he turns the mundane backdrop of his every day life--trains, platforms and tracks--into beautiful acrylic paintings.

Biswaal's work has gained a lot of popularity and respect in the art world. Inspired by nature, he says he prefers to continue working as a TTE, because it actually encourages his creative process: "If I left my job, I would have to do commissioned work, which would force me to do things I might not like, and affect my style. Right now no one can dictate what I must, and should do. So, I have the luxury of experimenting," he said in an interview to

Biswaal's most recent depictions of scenes at the railway station were proudly posted by the Salem Division Southern Railway on their Facebook page.

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