07/07/2015 8:38 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

15 Mumbai Eateries You Shouldn't Miss This Ramzan

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Fatima Bibi's malaai (cream) saandal is a delicious secret that has been preciously guarded by the patrons of Minara Masjid Lane, and Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai for over three decades. Bibi's sweet offering is especially popular during the month of Ramzan, which is also when Mohammed Ali Road, Nagdevi Street and Bhendi Bazaar transform into havens of culinary delight.

Colourful, aromatic and buzzing with people, these streets house some of the best eating joints: Kebab sellers compete for space and customers, paya, haleem and falooda flow in abundance, and eventually one cannot help but loosen the notches on their belt in preparation for the feast that is to follow.

Of all the variety that is available and cannot possibly be covered in one night (or even a week for that matter), here are 15 other eateries that warrant a visit during this season.

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