02/07/2015 2:26 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Coldplay's Chris Martin Played A Secret Acoustic Set At A Bar In Delhi Whaaaaat?!


If you're a Coldplay fan who lives in New Delhi, prepare to feel really, really terrible about your existence.

Yep, that's Chris Martin, lead singer of the multiple-Grammy-winning British rock band, singing nonchalantly as music composer Vishal Dadlani stands next to him taking selfies. This insanely secret set took place at Summer House Cafe in Delhi's Hauz Khas Village late on Wednesday night in front of a select bunch of people that also included actress Freida Pinto, folk-rock musician Raghu Dixit, and comedy collective All India Bakchod, who got the opportunity to introduce Martin to the unsuspecting (or not; we're questioning everything right now) crowd.

Here's another video from another angle, in case you're still having trouble believing that this happened, with Martin playing 'Paradise' as the insanely lucky guests at this do sing along in unison.

It was past midnight on Thursday by the time the news reached social media, but enough people got their hearts broken as 'Chris Martin' trended nation-wide on Twitter.

Since many people associated with events and artiste management company Only Much Louder, such as CEO Vijay Nair, were spotted at the set, there was some speculation that this could be an announcement for something bigger, such as Coldplay actually coming down to India to perform at one of the upcoming NH7 Weekender festivals (which are organised by OML).

However, Nair denied that this utterly random, crazy night had anything to do with a possible Coldplay gig at one of their festivals.

Hmm. Okay then.

(An earlier version of this post had a few embedded tweets and screenshots of tweets that indicated that there might be some possibility of a Coldplay gig in India, despite Nair's denial. However, since this has been denied strenuously by sources close to OML, we have decided to err on the side of caution and remove them.)

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