30/06/2015 3:53 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Night Rihanna Picked Up A Puppy From A Bar And Took It Home


This ain't no boozehound for sure: last Saturday, pop star Rihanna discovered a little puppy in a bar and decided to take it home with her. The singer was partying at the Los Angeles nightclub 10AK and found the tiny dog in the bathroom of the club. Her friends were delighted with the bizarre discovery and shared on Snapchat videos of Rihanna and her atypical date, who insisted on chewing on her zipper.

It wasn't love in a hopeless place, but it was love, and Rihanna just couldn't bear to part with the dog. She can be heard explaining the entire incident on video, saying "Well, I found him in the bathroom somewhere, and he ran up to me." A friend of the star also commented on the incident saying, "she literally just went to the club, came back with a cage, wee-wee pads, food — and a f***king dog!".

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