27/06/2015 4:00 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Are You An Assistant Editor? This Song Will Call Out To You

If you see the IMDb filmography of Mark Adams, you will realize what prompted him to dedicate a song to his profession. Adams sang a ballad to the post of Assistant Editor and painted a pretty accurate picture of what it's like being one in the film industry.

The lyrics are something else. (Warning: offensive language)

I got a job in the film industry

All my friends are jealous

They say I'm living the dream

"Hey, what you do again? Tell us!"

I work all day

In a tiny darkened room

I think syncing sound

Is pretty fucking cool

I'm an A.E.

You don't know me

I work behind the scenes

And stay outta sight

Syncing all the footage

They shot last night


I'm an A.E.

I'm the editing tech support line

You can gimme a call anytime you like

When you get an error on your screen

I say "not a problem, babe, just restart the machine"

I know that doing this job won't make me rich

But I just love being the editor's bitch

'Cause I'm an A.E.

You know don't me

Creating documents nobody sees

Updating bins and assembling scenes


I'm an A.E.

Nobody listens to me at all

And camera guys they drive me up the wall

Still life doesn't get any better

Than being an assistant editor

An A.E.

You don't know me

I do a lot more than sound effects

The position gets pretty complex

For an A.E.

An A.E., like

iPhone, Go-Pro

Nothing has timecode

No grade

No slate

Time we all appreciate the


You don't know me

The director doesn't even know my name

But I'm saving the movie all the same


I'm an A.E.

If I hear someone say, “We’ll fix it in post”

I’m gonna punch them right in their fucking nose



Let’s all put our hands together

For the motherfuckin' assistant editors





"Hey Mark, when you've got some time

Can you look that shot I'm too lazy to find?"


Adams, who is, well, an assistant editor and an indie-rock musician, wrote on his website: "My employer asked me to write a song about my experience as an assistant editor on their documentary. And so I did." On YouTube, the song has close to 30k views.

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