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21 Brilliant Tips From Well-Travelled Indian Celebrities


We Indians just love to travel. An extended weekend coming up? We'll pack our bags and leave for the hills. But whether you are travelling alone or with your family, there can always be unforeseen circumstances with the potential to ruin your well laid out plans. Here are some fantastic travel tips from Indians celebrities who have been there, done that.

Always be prepared - by that I mean condoms are a must. After all, you’ve got to protect your boys from mosquitoes. And don’t carry them for too long in your wallet because they expire faster.

- Manish Anand, VJ turned actor

Have a meal before your flight. And don’t eat till you arrive, to avoid your digestive system from taking a toss. Because that’s worse than travelling empty stomach.

- Karsh Kale, musician

You never know when you will run out of gas. Carry a jerry can. If you do run out, scout local shops who sell petrol and diesel in cans and bottles. But be prepared to pay a premium for adulterated stuff!

- Ajay Jain, travel photographer

Coloured ribbons make great accessories for your hair, hands and feet, and to recognise your suitcase on the conveyor belt.

- MadSam TinZin, designer label

Don’t keep all your money in one spot. Distribute it among secure bag pockets or even your check-in luggage. That way, if your wallet is swiped, you won’t be stranded for cash.

- Anirban Lahiri, professional golfer

Always travel with an open mind. The more experimental you are, the more fun you will have, I guarantee. Keep a journal if you really want to experience a destination well. If something tugs at your heart and senses, write it down. Clip tickets and photos to the pages.

- Purab Kohli, actor

In-flight drinking aside, the best time to drink a good glass of wine is when you’ve reached your destination and are suffering from jet lag. It’ll knock you right out so you’ll get good sleep.

- Monica Dogra, musician

Look for a place which promises entertainment for kids as well as some degree of education. We visited, in my opinion, one of the best zoos in the world in Edinburgh. They provided prams for older children to be wheeled around in, which we hired, and could walk around with easily. They also had petting farms, which is a rare treat for Indian kids.

-Subi Samuel, celebrity photographer

Keep plastic bags and medical tape on you. They can become shoe covers, head covers, dirty underwear cases, emergency waterproofing for your medical kit et al and they take up almost no space.

- Satyajit Sarna, laywer turned author

Check calling card rates before you leave. Even if you pick up an Indian calling card, it can prove to be expensive especially when you’re in a group and calling each other all the time. Places like Bali and Singapore offer cheap pre-

paid calling cards.

- Hussain Kuwajerwala

Look for clothes that tout claims of being wrinkle-resistant. They’ll still get wrinkled, but more slowly and less obviously than other garments.

-Mira Gulati, jewellery designer

Always tell someone—and not just a random outsider, but someone close—where you’re headed and when you’ll be back. NB: See 127 Hours, and you’ll know why.

- Adam Bedi, model

Looking for awesome food on a road trip? Roll down a window and ask the locals for the best eating places in their town. Their pride will fill your tummy with the best food.... Trust me, it works every time.

-Rocky Singh, TV anchor

Brush up on your swimming skills! Swimmers always have more fun on a holiday, be it snorkelling, scuba diving or just completing a few laps in the hotel’s pool!

-Nisha Millet, professional swimmer

Keep some change (currency of the place you’re traveling to) handy, because most places require coins for a luggage trolley.

- Chandru Bhojwani, author

Don’t pack clothes, swimsuits or shoes that have not been worn or tried on before. Last-minute wardrobe malfunctions are the worst.

- Gagan Ullalmath, professional swimmer

Carry a few herbal tea bags, such as ginger or chamomile. They’re an excellent choice if you are prone to nausea or an upset stomach.

- Sanchita Ajjampur, designer

Download a travel app on your phone. Try Babelingo for language conversion. Tripit for travel planning or Kayak for flight search and flight-related information.

- Tulip Joshi, actress

If you don’t want to buy new sunglasses, change the frames before a tropical vacation.

- Sumer Verma, wildlife photographer

The effects of sun exposure are greater near the water or snow, as they are reflective surfaces. And remember, sunscreen should be applied after every hour.

-Shahnaz Hussain

Know your basics: riding a bike or a scooty, skating or skateboarding. Hit places where you can use these skills. You’ll explore a lot more than the usual touristy places, and relish the pleasure of getting lost, then finding your way again!

-Priyanka Bose, actress

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