23/06/2015 3:26 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

You Could Watch These Adorable Puppies Running For Their Chow A 1000 Times! And You Will...


This video of two adorable golden retriever pups running for their food will win over your heart whether you're a dog lover or not.

Golden retriever 'cheese pups' Colby and Bleu have been captured in a time-lapse video of nine months with just a few minor changes in their routine over time - they get bigger (duh), and they get the hang of rounding kitchen corners without losing their balance on the slippery floor (well, almost).

The video, which was posted on You Tube on June 21, went viral pretty fast with 2,847,300 views (when last checked on Tuesday afternoon).

The puppies' progress can also be followed on their Instagram feed cheesepups.

Check out how they adapt to their spiral-shaped bowls of chow to ensure not a crumb is missed!

Here are some adorable photos of the soon-to-be one year old doggies!

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