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The Morning Wrap: Buckingham Palace Was Modi's Port Of Call; 30 Students From Single School Claim Top 10 Ranks in Bihar Exam

Indian Premier League (IPL) Chairman Lalit Modi arrives at the airport in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Top cricket officials hope to resolve next week the crisis facing the IPL, including the future of Modi, beleaguered by allegations of corruption in an auction to add a new team to the lucrative tournament. (AP Photo) **INDIA OUT **

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Softbank paid $135 million to its president Nikesh Arora, the highest among Indian-origin executives.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says Yoga is the 'tool' for love and happiness.

Here is the late BKS Iyengarat his exercises, when 95.

Now that you’ve broken a Guinness record, here are 8 Yoga poses for the smaller joy of better sex.

Main News

In its third expose, The Sunday Times claims that Lalit Modi sought the help of members of the UK Royal family, for aiding his travel to Lisbon.

So after all, Narendra Modi got 35,000+ to contort themselves, in full sight of the world’s cameras, to ‘break’ a Guinness record. Russia and North Korea are now green with envy.

Peepli Live co-director Mahmood Farooqui has been arrested by Delhi Police on charges of raping a 35-year-old American, a Phd scholar from Columbia University.

Bangladesh inflicted a series-defeat on India in a three-match tournament in Bangladesh.

The insurgent commander alleged to be responsible for the ambush that killed 18 soldiers earlier this month, has returned to Nagaland after escaping an Indian Army cross-border raid into Myanmar.

In an egregious violation of privacy and decency, the Jammu and Kashmir police—lacking a recent picture of a militant suspected in the recent Sopore killings—thought it fit to use a picture of his ‘look alike,’ on ‘Wanted’ posters, and splashed it across the state and social media. The unlucky doppelganger is a hapless shopkeeper who’s now running to every available police station to prove that he isn’t a terrorist.

Off The Front Page

Patna’s Super 30 are usually the talk of town for cracking the IITs, but 30 students from a single school in Bihar boasts have bagged the top-10 ranks in the state’s school examination. This is the same test, from where pictures of parents scaling walls to help their wards cheat, went viral.

Passengers in the Indian Railways’ sleeper coaches are likely to see a new, smartly-designed staircase that will help them climb the top berth. This comes as an alternative to the inconvenient, but legendary three-step ladder that passengers have been fearlessly negotiating for over a century.

In a first, the NALSAR Law University in Hyderabad has issued a gender-neutral graduation certificate to a student who did not wish to be identified with the honorific Mr or Ms but with “Mx”.


Mukul Kesavan says that the deception of Rachel Dolezal, a white American who was recently caught for posing as a black person for many years, isn’t black and white.

Bibek Debroy says that money allotted to the states must also factor in the varying cost of delivering goods and services among states.

Kapil Subramanian says that India shouldn’t spend on big science projects such as the India Neutrino Project and instead, channelize the funds to smaller initiatives.

Mihir Sharma says Modi has the power to reform but no intent.

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