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Yoga can not only help improve your physical and mental well being, it can also help you turn into a master in bed. There are a number of poses that can help improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles in the pelvic area. We asked fitness experts Bharat Thakur and Mickey Mehta to suggest easy poses that can help people scale peaks of ecstasy.

“What should be a creative act (sex) has become mechanical and routine for a few minutes of stress relief,” says Bharat Thakur. “Yogic postures make you supple and relaxed, so your body functions beautifully. Yoga helps your sensual, mental and physical aspects together to work in harmony.” Mickey Mehta agrees: “The benefits of yoga in enhancing sexual energy and libido (especially in men) have been well documented. Yogasanas like pelvic lifts, and suryanamaskar improve blood circulation and are crucial for sexual function.”

Both recommended the cobra pose or bhujangasana, saying that it's back-strengthening abilities also extend to stimulating the body's sexual chakra, improving the individual's sexual performance overall.

Thakur also recommends mula bandha (or root lock) that is similar to a Kegel exercise. “This neuromuscular lock balances your sexual hormones while simultaneously exercising your inner muscles, giving you a better control over orgasms." Mehta says that at a more advanced stage, this exercise should be performed during most yogic postures.

Here's how to do it: Sit with your back straight, and legs folded in. Place your hands on your knees and exhale. Now hold your breath. Imagine having to stop passing urine while in the middle of doing so. Squeeze your genital-anal muscles and hold for 5-10 seconds. Slowly release while inhaling at the same time. Repeat 3 times.

Here are a some yoga moves that Thakur and Mehta recommend to improve your overall sexual performance. "These are long-term exercises, not quick fixes. Most importantly, they create an awareness of your body, and how to discipline that awareness in the right direction during any act," says Mehta.

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