18/06/2015 6:52 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The New Aam Aadmi Party Advertisement Is As Hilarious As It Is Sexist


NEW DELHI — Caught in a bitter power struggle with the Centre, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi needed something to lift its morale. It has been running an ad on TV for the past few days that is intended to highlight the achievements of the government. But the ad -- ridiculously self congratulatory and sexist -- has social media users cracking up with its theme of a middle-class housewife in Delhi trying to cope with rising expenses and finding a messiah in Kejriwal.

The two-minute advertisement uploaded on YouTube, tried to show AAP's anti-corruption agenda. But ended up as unintentionally sexist and regressive.

Take the case of the main character -- a housewife -- who seem to be doing all the household work. She does the grocery shopping, cooks all the meals, takes her child to school and brings him back and worries about her monthly expenses. While she does all this, her husband is seen chilling on the couch all day with a newspaper or watching TV and sipping on tea that the wife has made.

The woman is very happy on receiving a power bill that's much less than the earlier one. Clearly, the lady is ignorant of the fact that the tariff went up by 6 per cent this Monday and many who are benefitting from the subsidy may have moved to a higher, non-subsidised bracket.

Some YouTube comments remind her that.

"Kill me now! 14500 ka bill aaya hai is month!,” reads one comment.

The absurdity doesn’t end here. According to the advertisement, autorickshaw drivers in Delhi are so honest after AAP’s victory, that they will always turn the meter on. If you have ever lived in Delhi, you know how impossible that idea sounds.

An YouTube commenter Debudada points out, albeit as a generalisation, "Lol what the hell, tell me which Delhi auto wala goes on meter , all are fraudsters."

According to this Kejriwal admirer all the corrupt politicians have joined to go against the Delhi chief minister. “Itna gussa at a hai in logo pe (These people make me so angry),” she says, while cooking a meal for her husband. She says that she prays for ‘Arvind' everyday.

At the end of the ad, she asks the viewers not to give or take bribe.

Watch the ad:

But, we must admit the ad-makers were really smart about making the campaign all about Kejriwal without putting his picture anywhere, after the Supreme Court directive on it.

A Times of India report states that the new advertisement campaign is expected to run for a week and the slots have cost the state exchequer about Rs 1.5 crore.

And here's what social media thought about the ad:

Former AAP leader Prashant Bhushan also had a comment.

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