17/06/2015 2:53 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Feminist Rapper Rene Sharanya Sharma Has Important Things To Say About 'That Time Of The Month'


Remember that girl who challenged Yo Yo Honey Singh for his misogynistic lyrics? She is back. This time, debunking all your menstruation myths.

In a now-viral video on her YouTube channel, Rene Sharanya Sharma asserts that a girl is not “down” or “low” while on her period.

“What they never said was we would go through a never ending cycle of wrapping sanitary pads in old newspaper, brown paper, and black polythene and euphemism,” she recites in her 'open letter to all girls'.

The conversation that people generally have around ‘that time of the month’ is typically "Oh my god, ewww, impurity", "Chee Chee (shame)", she raps.

And she has a perfect response to it: “You know what? We possess a uterus, so do not cuterus about how to think, feel and be.”

Sharma says that when a girl is on her period, it’s wrong to say she is ‘down.’

“I wish I could go back to the time when I got my first period and I could look in the mirror and say—I am not down,” she says.

The only thing that's worse than cramps, is people’s ignorance.

“My period is not my shame. My body is not my apology. I am not down. It isn’t that time of the month—it’s my time,” she says.

This video is a part of the #Imnotdown series of a sanitary napkins brand that aims to spread awareness about periods.

Sharma's ‘Open Letter To Honey Singh’, in which she slammed the popular singer, had gone viral on YouTube with over 16,00,000 hits.

The new video has over 53,000 views already.

Watch the video here:

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