16/06/2015 12:46 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

5 Times Indian Men Hated Dating App Tinder


Recently, a satirical video by a bunch of stand up comedians showed the Indian men supposedly found on Tinder. Among others, there’s the 'Punjabi man' who parties even at the cost of killing people; the man who only talks about his father's achievements and a creepy man who makes the girl touch his chest hair.

A curious Reddit user has started a thread asking Indians to share their experiences on Tinder. The comments, largely posted by men, suggest that they are having serious troubles with the dating app.

Here’s a look at the Indian men’s Tinder stories.

—Most men complained that they don’t get matches.

"My profile had a picture of a giraffe. Got matched seven times then. Then put up my picture and everybody swiped left,” said an user.

“I swiped right…everyone else swiped left," said another user.

Forget Indian, that’s most men’s story on Tinder, suggests this article.

However, one user had a solution to this no match problem.

"Put my occupation, got more matches. Not sure about other cities, works in Pune. Sadly can use it only for anthropological purposes,” a user called BrahminMasterRace said.

—A user called TheDarkKnightRises said that Tinder has made him realized he is ugly.

"Tinder is based on looks. If you look really good, then you will get laid. My friend is a kashmiri and quite good looking, he got matched with a dentist chick in the evening, the same night he got laid with that gal. They dated for 2 months then broke up.

I tried Tinder, never got a match thus I realized I am ugly! :(“

—One user apparently deleted his Tinder account because his date liked the ending of the popular TV show 'How I met your mother.'

Matched with a lawyer chick. Chatted for an hour or so and realised we had nothing in common (she loved the ending of HIMYM) so we said goodbye. Never had a match after that and deleted my account :’(

—Another Reddit user hated the dating app because according to him, women think it’s

"Matched with a grl hu tlked lyk dis she sd she ws architecture stdent. Told her she should be ashamed of herself because my uncle died in an architecture shootout and immediately blocked her.

Tinder in India is f****** pointless unless you're in a metro and even then 80% of the time it's some average looking chick thinking it's or Orkut 2.0," said the user.

With that attitude, even if he got a match, it would be of no use. And what is an architecture shootout anyway?!

—Meanwhile, some of them had practical problems to deal with.

"I wish I could install Tinder on my Samsung GURU 1200."

It seems the dating app isn’t rosy for either women or men in India.