13/06/2015 10:43 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Mumbai Drunk Driving: CCTV Footage Shows Janhavi Gadkar Visited A Second Pub On The Night Of Audi Accident


MUMBAI — Corporate lawyer Janhavi Gadkar allegedly visited a second pub after consuming six pegs of whiskey at a hotel on Mumbai's Marine Drive on the night of her accident. The alcohol level in her blood was about four times more than the permissible limit, according to reports. An inebriated Gadkar rammed her Audi into a taxi on the Eastern Freeway on June 9, killing two persons and injuring four others.

"Preliminary reports have suggested that the lawyer had an intake of alcohol four times than the permissible limits," a police source told PTI quoting initial forensic report which confirmed that the 35-year-old lawyer was heavily drunk at the time of the incident.

Legally, blood alcohol concentration is permissible upto 0.03 per cent or 30 mg per 100 ml of blood. Gadkar's sample shows the presence of about 120 mg of alcohol concentration in 100 mg of blood, said the source.

"The forensic laboratory put this (case) on priority to give the preliminary report on our request," the source said, adding, that it would take another few days for the final report to be compiled.

Gadkar allegedly parked her Audi Q3 on the Marine Drive and spent two hours at the Kala Ghoda pub, the Hindustan Times reported. Police examined the CCTV footage from the pub following a tip-off from a media professional who said he had seen Gadkar there later that night, the report said.

(Noman Sabuwala, son of the deceased Mohammad Salim Sabuwala who lost his life in car the accident allegedly by corporate lawyer Janhvi Gadkar (unseen) was present for hearing at a local court in Mumbai on Friday. PTI Photo)

"We have got CCTV footage where Janhavi is seen entering the pub. However, anything more can be said only after further investigation into the matter," RCF police station's senior inspector Dilip Raut said. "We are trying to ascertain if she had few more pegs after entering into the pub," Raut said.

Two persons, Mohammad Abdul Sayyad (55) and Mohammad Salim Sabuwala (50), were killed after their taxi was hit by a car driven by Gadkar in the early hours of Tuesday.

Police said the footage showed her meeting a top Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) official at the pub. Police have seized her bill from the pub to ascertain if she had consumed more alcohol there.

The HT report quoted an unnamed police official as saying that she indeed drank two or three pegs of alcohol at the pub.

“The bill strengthens the theory that she drank more alcohol after leaving Marine plaza, as does her blood report, which shows she had 200 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood,” the officer was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Gadkar has been remanded in judicial custody till June 26.

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