11/06/2015 2:34 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

10-Year-Old's Earnest Letter To Agriculture Minister Explaining Why Aquariums Are Cruel Makes A Lot Of Sense

In this April 27, 2015 photo, a visitor takes a photo of the shark tank at the new Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando, Fla. The aquarium has touch pools, a wall of trippy floating jellyfish and plenty of sharks to spy. A dark, submarine-inspired thrill ride in California and swank new offerings at Downtown Disney all top the summer’s must-do list for theme park and amusement fans. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

NEW DELHI — While the agriculture department is quite excited to set up a mega aquarium housing at least 100 varieties of ornamental fish in Gurgaon, a satellite township adjoining the national capital, an animal-loving 10-year-old is not happy about it.

In a letter addressed to the Agriculture Minister of India, Radha Mohan Singh, the child pleads him to rethink his plans to build the new aquarium that will be housed beside a library and a food court.

"Planned to be spread across one acre, the aquarium will house at least 100 varieties of ornamental fish species,” reported the Times of India.

Dolphins and a coral reef are also likely to be kept in the aquarium. The project is likely to cost Rs 3-4 crore.

In the letter, Kai JW Bhujwala lists why he thinks it "will be more valuable to see marine life in the wild."

"Keeping fish in tanks does not teach anybody its importance," he writes.

He also reminds Singh that India was the 4th country to ban dolphin shows. "I want to see India lead the world by helping conservation, not copying other cities," Bhujwala writes.

Sanctuary Asia, a wildlife conservation magazine in India, posted his letter on Twitter.

Bhujwala writes that it was "upsetting" to see more than 100 fish die in Mumbai’s Taraporevala Aquarium in March.

"Fisheries Department spent Rs 22 crores to revamp the aquarium but they could not even take care of the fish. How can we trust them to take care of the fish in the new aquarium?," he asks the minister.

"I strongly feel that ALL wildlife, however small, should be left alone to be free. Enclosing any wildlife in zoos or aquariums is cruel. We should encourage city people to come to visit natural areas and not bring wildlife into the city," Bhujwala writes.

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