05/06/2015 9:25 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: It's World Environment Day; Indian Army To Launch Major Offensive Against Manipur Militant Attack


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Today is world environment day. Here are 15 Indian businesses that are promoting sustainability. Here are effective ways to recycle well. This remarkable company is doing us all a favour by extending the life cycle of gadgets. Here are some public service campaigns from the past that will remind you to do the right thing.

55 year-old Indian American Sunil Gulati is a leading contender to be the next FIFA boss.

In a response to a Right to Information query, the Indian army has conceded that it euthanizes military dogs on their retirement or when found unfit for services.

These are the reasons lead in your body--through Maggi or anything else--can never be good for you.

Here is Pakistan's nomination for the world's worst Ad (and it looks like they will win).

Main News

India lost 18 soldiers--the highest in a single strike in 20 years--to a raid by militants in Manipur. Disparate groups along the Myanmar and Nagaland borders are believed to have formed a coalition to mount the attack that employed sophisticated rocket-propelled grenades. The Indian army has announced plans for a powerful counter offensive.

The case against toxic substances in Maggi is the culmination of events that started in April 2014


Though MP Chief Minister Shivrajsingh Chouhan has said he wouldn't allow eggs to be served in state-sponsored meals for child nutrition, he apparently had no compunctions in allowing eggs for a similar initiative seven years ago.

Jharkhand may be hobbled for a number of reasons but from next month it will be the first state to pioneer a high tech system that will register vehicles without delay and without paper, through a web-based app called Vahan4.

The Haryana Government has rekindled its love affair with yoga guru Baba Ramdev after it announced plans to make Sanskrit compulsory for students after class 6 in schools, after a meeting with the saffron-clad yogi-cum-businessman in May.

Off The Front Page

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachhan says he has not heard of the beef ban in Maharashtra, where he lives.

While Doordarshan can barely hold the attention span of the average Indian news-consumer, it has launched serious discussions to ape BBC World and relaunch DD India--its international news channel--to project the external affairs ministry's line.

The education ministry has reprimanded the chairperson of the University Grants Commission for complaining about the ministry to a Parliament committee, for not streamlining funds adequately to be used for a rural colleges programme.

For a change, an Air India flight left ahead of its schedule and thus managed to deliver a beating heart to a critically-ill person in Chennai and save his life.


Swapan Dasgupta, in The Telegraph, says that conspiracy theorists who believe the government is floundering must brace for disappointment.

Khaled Ahmed, in The Indian Express, says that Islamic ideology in Pakistan only appears to have hardened over time.

Sriram Panchu, in The Hindu, says that retired Supreme Court chief justices who have taken government assignments, cannot head bodies such as the human rights commission, as it compromises the independence of the chair.

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