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7 Unsung Indian Freedom Fighters We All Needed To Know About


Of the many freedom fighters whose names have drowned in our vast historical records (look below), National Award winning director Ananth Mahadevan shall be casting a spotlight on one noteworthy person: Gour Hari Das, who reportedly went through a thirty-decade conflict to be recognised for his role in freeing the country from the British rule.

The octogenarian's life is being converted into a biopic 'Gour Hari Dastaan - The Freedom File', which shall feature several actors including Vinay Pathak, Konkana Sen Sharma (who plays Hari Das's wife), Tannishtha Chatterjee, Ranvir Shorey, and several others.

Das is also reported to play a part in the film itself. While his story shall unfold on the silver screen on August 15, here's a look at some of India's lesser-recognised heroes who fought for our country's freedom, yet remained in the shadows.

  • Gogineni Ranga Nayukulu or N.G. Ranga
    Gogineni Ranga Nayukulu or N.G. Ranga
    Hardly Anonymous
    Inspired by Gandhi's call in 1930, Acharya N.G.Ranga joined the freedom struggle, and led the riot agitation in 1933. Considered the father of the Indian peasant movement, he held the post of the President of the Swatantra Party (that he founded) for over 10 years.
  • Alluri Sitarama Raju
    Alluri Sitarama Raju
    Hardly Anonymous
    This Indian revolutionary led the Rampa Rebellion of 1922–24, which involved a small gathering of harassed tribals revolting against the British Raj around the East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Raju and his small pack of followers were responsible for killing several British army people, but was eventually cornered and killed in Chintapalli.
  • Kaneganti Hanumanthu
    Kaneganti Hanumanthu
    Hardly Anonymous
    Kaneganti Hanumanthu was shot when he was just 30 years old for revolting fiercely against the British in the Palnadu region over payment of tax.
  • Potti Sreeramulu
    Potti Sreeramulu
    Hardly Anonymous
    This Gandhian is remembered for his devotion to equalise the Dalit community — he gained a lot of popularity for his fast unto death in order to create a separate Andhra state. A series of riots broke loose after his death, and then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru declared the intent to form Andhra State three days after.
  • Sardar Gouthu Latchanna
    Sardar Gouthu Latchanna
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    Sardar Gouthu Latchanna was arrested at the tender age of 21 for participating in the Salt Satyagraha at Palasa. He eventually came to be known as Sardar for his fearless attitude, and also took part in the Quit India Movement, ranking high on the British government's hit list for his frequent raids. Latchanna, a strong advocator of the weaker sections of society was even boycotted for starting a night school for untouchables and taking the Harijans to a drinking well in Baruva.
  • Swami Ramananda Tirtha
    Swami Ramananda Tirtha
    Hardly Anonymous
    This educator/social activist (whose real name was Vyenkatesh Bhagvanrao Khedgikar) led the Hyderabad liberation struggle and was imprisoned by the last Nizam for 111 days.
  • Tanguturi Prakasam
    Tanguturi Prakasam
    Hardly Anonymous
    The first Chief Minister of Andhra, Tanguturi Prakasam (also known as Andhra Kesari or lion of Andhra) was the only successful Telegu barrister of his time in the Madras High Court. He played a crucial role in breaking the tax law at Madras, and was eventually imprisoned for over three years for participating in the Quit India movement of 1942.

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