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Top 25 Android Apps By Install Base And Data Usage In India

&quot;Credit Apple for what they've achieved, but give Google credit for having created this little green robot,&quot; said Paolo Pescatore of CCS Insight. <em>See more:</em> <em>Google Play App Revenue Gaining on Apple iTunes</em> Android app revenue grew 70 percent on strong &quot;in-app&quot; purchasing last quarter, according to analyst report. Google Play app revenue increased 70 percent in the first quarter of this year. That rapid growth rate isn't enough to put Google Play on par with the Apple iTunes App Store, but it may persuade more money hungry developers to create tablet and smartphone apps for the Android platform, according one research firm. &quot;We saw revenue from Google Play almost doubling in the first quarter of this year over the two previous quarters,&quot; said Paolo Pescatore, director of apps and media for U.K.-based mobile communications research and advisory firm CCS Insight. &quot;At the current pace, Google Play could soon exceed revenue from iPhone apps.&quot;

ShareIT, Xender and UC Browser are the most used Android apps by Indian users, according to Jana, maker of app-marketing platform mCent.

The statistics are based on analysis of data usage from an 8 percent sampling of Indian Android phones on which mCent was installed.

top 25 apps india usage

The study talks about the behavioural trends of Indian users. For instance, they are heavy users of file share software. File sharing tools are the most popular category of apps after communication apps like UC Browser and WhatsApp, followed by entertainment, social media and shopping.

It’s interesting to note that UC Browser, which got pulled up for leaking data to third parties is one of the most heavily used apps in India.

top 25 installs app

A previous study carried earlier this month that analysed top 25 installed apps by downloads revealed that 30 percent of the apps were developed by Indian companies, with only one game - Candy Crush Saga making it to the list.

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