01/06/2015 3:32 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Mango Season


There's no doubt about it: the mango aka 'The King Of Fruits' (as it is popularly known) is possibly one of the best things about the tropical Indian summer. This juicy, golden fruit is as versatile as it is yummy: not only does it come in several sensational varieties (alphonso, chausa, and dasheri are the most popular breeds across the country), it can also be consumed in several innovative ways to really savour it's sweet, rich goodness.

Drink It:

Mango squash, lassi and milkshakes are a cool, refreshing, and non-messy way of enjoying mangoes. Want to go healthy? Try a mango smoothie with a hint of basil, simply settle for a nice aam panna.

Freeze it!

Shove aside the gelatos, sorbets and kulfis, and embrace mango true Indian style with a creamy mango kulfi.

Spear it

Create the yummiest kebabs by spearing chunks of mango onto sausages or pan-fried cottage cheese.

Pickle it

Mango chutney goes with anything — from rice and daal to simple paranthas.

Simply scarf it down like you did as a child — pure, unadulterated fun

Breakfast it

Add some fresh mango puree to your pancakes or mash it over your yoghurt, or even your cereal.

Snack it

Nothing like a peanut-butter and MANGO sandwich! Or spinach and goat cheese. Try your own variations.

Have an affair with it this summer (like Katrina Kaif)

Scared of cutting that mango? Here's the right way to do it.

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