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10 Awesome Eateries In Shimla You Must Visit At Least Once


The quirky thing about Shimla's restaurants is -- there are either tiny diners or cafés offering fast food, tea and cold drinks, or fancy eateries that feature overpriced alcohol menus -- there's no middle ground.

But there is no dearth of places to eat in this colonial town if you're looking for a hot, fulfilling meal. And what they lack in fancy gourmet fare, most of these restaurants make up in character, having squatted for several decades on Shimla's famous Mall Road. Take Indian Coffee House for instance: the coffee has been viciously criticised on most public food forums, and the dosas are temperamental at best.

Yet the place itself is always filled with gossiping locals, rushed backpackers and has always been a must-visit for a real feel of Shimla's crowd. And that's not all: sip a Bloody Mary atop the terrace of Hotel Combermere, or savour hot salami burgers from Beekays (you can never stop at one) - there's no doubt that Shimla's a fun place for a foodie.

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Chinese shoemakers and Scandal Point aside, here are a few other places you should visit.

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