25/05/2015 4:48 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

5 Affordable Power Banks To Keep Your Devices Charged On The Go


While most smartphones from 2015 promise all-day life, in real-life usage scenarios, they fail to measure up to that claim during periods of heavy usage. For a tablet and smartphone owner, a power bank is a must have accessory. An external battery pack can prove handy during a power cut, or when one forgets to charge devices overnight. It can prove indispensable during a vacation or a trek or trip outdoors.

Dwindling power on your smartphone has become such a common source of anxiety that there is even a name for the phenomena--nomophobia, which also covers the fear of losing the phone.

To keep such fears at bay, these devices can become handy. This selection includes products from Asus, OnePlus and Huawei, who launched their devices this month.

When buying a power bank, make sure you’re buying an original by shopping from a reputable online store. Some power banks can charge your device faster than others, utilising the Quick Charge feature, when available. Others have safety features and can charge more than one device at a time.

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