20/05/2015 2:37 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: Subramanian Swamy's Hilarious Mangalsutra Blooper At Tamil Wedding

Timely intervention by a colleague saved the day. Or else Subramanian Swamy would have become a newly wed at 76.

Swamy, controversy-loving politician and rabble rousing social media star, found himself in a sticky spot at a Tamil wedding recently after he accidentally almost tied a mangalsutra around the bride's neck as shocked guests tried to stop him.

A YouTube video by the News7 channel caught the epic but uproariously funny blooper. The BJP leader was invited to the wedding in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu and literally the only thing he had to do was to bless the mangalsutra and hand it over to the groom, who would then tie it around the bride's neck, solemnising the marriage.

Swamy blessed the necklace and then absentmindedly proceeded to try and wed the bride himself. Thankfully his party colleague V.S. Chandralekha intervened just in time, saving blushes all around.

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