14/05/2015 4:13 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

PETA Is Really Ticked Off About Ranveer Singh Beating Up A Rubber Shark In Underwear Ad

Rupa Knitwear

NEW DELHI — Ranveer Singh's latest advertisement for underwear company Rupa Frontline shows the fit actor really living it up: he's chilling on the beach, hanging out with a bunch of sun-bathers, and accomplishing an astounding range of tasks like:

Building a sand castle version of the Taj Mahal in a jiffy

And catching a tennis ball with his butt

He even does a cute little chest jiggle that would render any belly-dancer envious

So far so good.

The trouble started when the 'Gunday' actor started punching a rubber shark as part of the advertisement.

His actions have caused the hackles of the folks at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to rise. In an emailed statement sent to HuffPost India, Poorva Joshipura, the PETA India CEO said:

The animal rights organisation also condemned the gesture of using an animal to woo someone. "By recruiting Ranveer Singh, Rupa Frontline is desperately trying to attract youth, but nothing shows how utterly out of touch with youngsters the company actually is than its depiction of cruelty to animals in its advertisement. There is nothing sexy about pretending to beat up an animal, and nothing that may disgust a girl more," said Joshipura in the statement.

The company reacted to the issue raised by announcing that the advertisement would soon carry a disclaimer: Mukesh Agarwal, the whole-time director at Rupa & Co Ltd and the spokesperson for the brand said, "This is to clarify that the shark shown in the latest Rupa commercial featuring Ranveer Singh is a rubber toy. No animal was used in the shoot. It is not our intention to hurt anyone's sentiment. We will be adding a disclaimer to the advertisement to this effect."

Watch the ad here:

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