11/05/2015 2:05 PM IST | Updated 11/05/2015 2:17 PM IST

WATCH: Katrina Kaif Said This About Getting Married Just Two Weeks Ago

So, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are finally getting married, according to a number of reports.

In an interview to Anandabazar Patrika over the weekend, he was quoted as saying, "This year, there's a lot of pressure on me because of work. I feel I won't be able to make the time. I'm thinking of getting married towards the end of next year. Till now, that's the plan for me and her."

Now, with no agenda whatsoever (our promise is of the pinky persuasion), here is a video of Katrina Kaif at a beauty event merely a fortnight before this big announcement. She was promoting the brand's latest collection along with actress Sonam Kapoor, since both of them are its ambassadors.

In the video (skip straight to 29:40 on the timeline), a journalist asked the 31-year-old actress about when she planned to get married. Kaif's first reaction was a surprised laugh.

Before she could reply, Sonam said, "She's going to get married after me. We've decided this."

"And when is that going to happen?" persisted the journalist, to which Sonam replied: "We don't know yet."

When Katrina spoke, she said, "I think that's an excellent suggestion... and I don't think Sonam knows as well. I think neither of us know." She elaborated further: "Marriage should be special... marriage, I think, should be magical. You should just get married when you look at each other and you're a 100% sure you never want to live without that person. I hope it happens soon."

She later also said to another journalist: "I don't have any plans yet, so I can't share them with you yet, but If I do, and when I do have the plans, I promise you I'll tell you."

We're not saying anything apart from the fact that she sure changed her mind quite quickly after that. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

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