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7 Hyderabad Eateries You Must Visit For The Food Lover In You

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HYDERABAD, INDIA: An Indian vendor prepares kebabs and non-vegetarian delicacies in his stall outside the Mecca mosque with the Char Minar in the background in Hyderabad, 20 October 2005. Indians, like many millions of Muslims around the world, are observing the holy month of Ramadan -- a month of fasting and spiritual purity during which they refrain from eating, drinking or sex from dawn until dusk. AFP PHOTO/Prakash SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

The regal charm of Hyderabad lies in its ability to seamlessly merge its hi-tech hub with its ancient heritage. By-lanes of Secunderabad, Char Minar and Nampally are awash with pungent aromas that fuse typical Andhra cuisine with rich Nizam culinary offerings. If you are on a food trail in the city, there's cuppa Irani chai and a buttery-soft Osmania biscuit waiting for you.

Cloudy haleems, crispy dosas, toothsome biriyanis and the search for the elusive luqmi (short fried pockets of mutton that can out-triumph any self-respecting samosa) that seems to be galloping towards extinction - all this and more will have any true food lover falling in love with Hyderabad. A litre of watermelon ice cream here is the same price as a stick of gum. And, while Hyderabad is peppered with eateries, bakeries and watering holes, here are a few that you should not miss when in the city.

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